Our customers comprise many of the largest companies in the world. They use our products and services for a variety of reasons:

A majority are from the “conventional” process industries – for example, chemicals & petrochemicals and the oil industry – where process simulation and modelling have been established for many years.

However there are many from industries that have lacked integrated modelling tools in the past, such as consumer goods, food, pharma, power generation, cement, minerals & mining. To these we bring the new and significant advantage of being able to make complex design and operating decisions based on accurate predictions from high-fidelity models.

In addition there are the emerging major areas of the future, such as clean energy. To these companies we bring the ability to explore complex decision spaces and reduce uncertainty and risk, resulting in accelerated innovationfaster time-to-market and new ways of managing technology risk.


Some of the many companies we supply software to or have worked with to improve their process design and operations.

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