Innovation & thought leadership

Siemens Process Systems Engineering as a company has always been strongly focused on innovation.

Our primary business is to help our customers to innovate (and to manage the risk associated with innovation), and innovation is at the core of our own developments.

Our aim is to transform best practice in every sector that we enter by providing next-generation tools and innovative workflows and methodologies.

Thought leadership

Our senior personnel are thought leaders in their respective areas. They are working closely with industry, research organisations, universities and collaborative R&D projects to drive change in those areas.

How we are leading innovation in sectors

Oil & Gas safety. We have worked with several oil majors to pioneer the adoption of new high-fidelity dynamic modelling techniques for Oil & Gas safety. These are transforming practice in depressurisation and pressure relief studies, and have helped inform the new API 521 standards.

Life Sciences. We are working with Pfizer and other leading pharma companies to implement Systems-based Pharmaceutics (SbP), a holistic model-based approach that relates drug formulation and manufacturing decisions to drug efficacy. This will enable pharma companies to introduce new drugs more quickly and more safely.

Carbon capture & storage (CCS). Siemens PSE worked with key European CCS stakeholders E.ON, EDF and Rolls-Royce to develop the definitive systems-wide modelling software for whole-chain CCS design and operability analysis. This is now being applied in full-scale CCS commercialisation projects.

Wastewater systems optimization. Our innovative high-fidelity wastewater modelling and whole-plant optimization technology, co-developed with leading technical university EPFL, is now enabling energy savings of 20-40% on municipal wastewater plants.

The underlying technology – Advanced Process Modelling

All of the above developments are based on Siemens PSE’s Advanced Process Modelling capabilities, provided through the gPROMS platform.

Since its inception Siemens PSE has worked on developing and advancing the science and practice of process modelling, with many innovations over the years.

The company currently invests a significant amount – typically over 30% of revenue – on R&D and product development.

* Previous and subsequent MacRobert Award winners include BP, IBM, Johnson Matthey, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, British Gas, Arup, Inmarsat and Jaguar Land Rover.

More Information


PSE’s role in innovation was recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering when we were awarded the MacRobert Award* for Engineering Innovation, the UK’s highest award for engineering


PSE's aim is to define, develop and drive the adoption of next-generation modelling technology, methodologies and workflows throughout the process industries
Costas Pantelides, PSE CEO

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