Outline agenda

All times are British Summer Time (BST).

Tuesday 13 April Wednesday 14 April Thursday 15 April
Track 1 Track 2 Track 1 Track 2 Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Session 1
Plenary: Digital Process Twins Plenary: PSE software technology Energy & Chemicals Formulated Products PSE software technology
Posters & networking; software demos Posters & networking; software demos Posters & networking; software demos
Session 2
Energy & Chemicals Formulated Products Energy & Chemicals Formulated Products Energy & Chemicals Formulated Products PSE software technology
Virtual drinks

Detailed agenda

Note: the agenda is subject to change.

Tuesday 13 April – Conference day 1

Session 1 – Plenary sessions – Advances in Digital Process Twin technology and application
Chairs: Mark Matzopoulos, Sean Bermingham
13:00 | Keynote presentation: How digitalization is accelerating innovation and advancing quality in the process industries
Costas Pantelides, PSE
13:25 | Deploying System Modelling to Accelerate Pharmaceutical Development
Simeone Zomer, GlaxoSmithKline
13:50 | gPROMS Process - process modelling and optimization for the digital world
Mariana Marques, PSE
14:15 | gPROMS FormulatedProducts – Enhanced digital design capabilities for the pharma, food & beverage, FMCG, specialty and agrochem, and mining sectors
Joao Moreira, PSE
14:40 | Introduction to Poster session
Prof. Michael Georgiadis, PSE Model-based Innovation Prize judge
14:45–15:40 | Break: Posters & networking, software demos
Session 2 – Digital Design for Energy & Chemicals
Chair: Mayank Patel
Session 2 – Formulated Products welcome and Food, Beverage & FMCG
Chair: Caleb Murray
15:40 | Applying digital design and operations techniques to enhancing steel production
Bernd Weiss, Primetals
15:40 | Formulated Products Industry Update
Sean Bermingham, PSE
16:00 | Integrated Nuclear Digital Environment – optimizing the lifecycle of nuclear plants
Mark Bankhead, National Nuclear Laboratory
16:10 | Biscuit Baking – A Hybrid Physico-Chemical Model
Robert Cordina, Mondelēz
16:20 | Development of a kinetic model for industrial Ethylene Oxide catalyst using a model-targeted experimentation approach
Şahin Sarrafi, SOCAR R&D and Innovation Co.
16:35 | Nestlé’s digital applications and deployment
Diego Larrain, Nestlé
16:40 | Using digital design of polymer grade recipes to increase LDPE production
Alejandro Cano, PSE

Wednesday 14 April – Conference day 2

Session 1 – Plenary sessions - PSE software technology
Chairs: Mark Matzopoulos, Sean Bermingham
13:00 | gPROMS Platform developments – state-of-the-art in equation-oriented modelling
Costas Pantelides, PSE
13:25 | gPROMS Digital Applications - Deep knowledge in process operations & control
Penny Stanger, PSE
13:50 | gPROMS Web Applications – delivering sophisticated models via simple web interfaces
Guillermo Jimeno, PSE
14:15 | gPROMS Properties – creating an industry-leading physical properties capability
Tom Lafitte, PSE
14:40–15:40 | Break: Posters & networking, software demos
Session 2 – Digital Operations – Operator Training Simulators
Chair: Marcel Renet
15:40 | Digital twin technology for combined virtual commissioning and operator training
Gerrit Wolf, Siemens
Digital Operations for Energy & Chemicals
Chair: Marcel Renet
Digitalization in Pharma
Chair: Nick Bandura
16:00 | A new generation of non-linear model-based predictive control (NL-MPC) for polymer plants
Chris Leingang, Siemens
16:05 | Model Generation for Organic Reactions using Continuous Flow Data
Christopher Hone, RCPE/CCFlow Consortium
16:20 | Using an on-line utilities advisor to drive digital transformation
Joana Brito, GALP Energia
16:30 | Model Driven Design of Particulate Processes and Products
Jim Litster, University of Sheffield
16:40 | gPROMS Olefins: Digitalization in olefin plant operations
Sreekumar Maroor, PSE
17:00–18:00 | Virtual drinks

Thursday 15 April – Conference day 3

Session 1 – Innovation & technology
Chair: Simon Leyland
PSE software technology - deep-dive 1
Chair: Alejandro Cano
13:00 | Digital Design - The key role of model-targeted experimentation
ZiBi Urban, PSE
13:00 | Advances in Model Validation – new approaches and technologies for parameter estimation including Bayesian approaches
Costas Pantelides, PSE
Innovation & new technology
Chair: Simon Leyland
Digitalization in Pharma
Chair: Kevin Healy
13:25 | Hybrid Physics-based/Data-Driven Modelling – using machine learning to address gaps in physical knowledge
Maarten Nauta, Maria Fuentes-Gari, PSE
Leah White, AstraZeneca
13:20 | Getting to net zero: how advanced process modelling accelerates progress towards sustainability targets
Bart de Groot, PSE
13:25 | Digital Workflow and model deployment in drug product development environment
Conrad Davies, Pfizer
13:50 | Surrogate Modelling – creating explicit input/output relations from gPROMS models
Apostolos Giovanoglou, PSE
13:40 | Optimizing large-scale inorganic processes with complex electrolytic reaction and solids formation
Jorge Aguerrevere, Alessio Centineo, PSE
13:50 | Use of gPROMS for Film Coating Processes Streamlined QbD Process Development
James Miesle, Eli Lilly
14:15 | State Estimation – combining models and measurements for real-time plant monitoring
Chris Leingang, Siemens / PSE
14:00 | New integrated high-fidelity tools for Process Safety analysis
Paul Frey, Hugo Rodrigues, PSE

Note: A full demonstration with the opportunity for questions and discussion will continue in the “Safety Seminar” space during the break (14:40-15:40)
14:15 | Developing a usable digital twin of the continuous direct compression process
Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca
14:40–15:40 | Break: Posters & networking, software demos
Session 2 – Digital Operations for - upstream & midstream oil & gas
Chair: Ryan Goggin
Session 2 – Digitalization in Pharma
Chair: Kasia Mendela
PSE software technology - deep-dive 2
Chair: Sam Wilkinson
15:40 | Large Scale Optimization for Integrated Oil & Gas Networks
Abdullah Ghazal, Saudi Aramco
15:40 | Modeling of Pharmaceutical Tablet Weight and Weight Variability
Don Clancy, GlaxoSmithKline
15:40 | Hybrid gPROMS/STAR-CCM+ Modelling – combining state-of-the-art process and CFD technologies for accurate equipment modelling
Phil Han, PSE
16:05 | Real-time Production Optimization on an unconventional field
Bob Okhuijsen, Siemens Energy
16:05 | Deciphering in-vivo drug performance using dissolution-hydrolysis-precipitation-absorption model
Josef Beranek, Zentiva
16:00 | Siemens portfolio integration showcase and discussion
  • gPROMS–Amesim

Mark Matzopoulos, Andrew Salmon, Jorge Aguerrevere, Phil Han, PSE
16:30 | Optimizing LNG production using high-fidelity validated models
Praveen Lawrence, PSE
16:30 | Online Knowledge Sharing Platform
Dan Braido, PSE
16:45 | Use of digital design tools for in silico development of Advanced Process Control and Machine Learning
Darren Whitaker, Perceptive Engineering