An oil and gas asset includes three main elements:

  • A reservoir
  • Production systems
  • Processing facilities

Typically, these elements are each modelled in different software systems that connect in only basic ways to share data at the boundary. The different models frequently use conflicting fluid definitions, physical properties and assumptions about the larger system. Each model may be "optimised" but it has not been possible to optimise the system as a whole except through very limited trial-and-error approaches.

This webinar describes a new approach to integrated asset optimisation. This approach incorporates the interaction between the production system, the fluid properties and the process equipment, which can only be fully described by a complex facilities model integrated with the production model. gPROMS Process combines state of the art optimisation technology with a library of standard process unit operations including separators and compressor trains. The gPROMS Oilfield library includes extensions to address challenges specific to oil and gas production optimisation including the translation of black oil models to fully compositional equation of state models.

The webinar concludes with a case study that shows the technology optimising an integrated asset.

Topics covered

Key areas that will be examined are:

  • Overview of production systems
  • Overview of facilities system
  • Integrated asset modelling & optimisation
  • Introduction to and unique benefits of the gPROMS technology
  • Case study showing integrated asset optimisation using gPROMS


Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodríguez is a Senior Applications Engineer at Process Systems Enterprise. He has implemented PSE’s gPROMS Oilfield Optimisation technology in a number of fields globally. He is a chemical engineer with a PhD from Imperial College London, where he worked on state estimation techniques for flow assurance.





35 minutes

Who should attend?

The webinar will be of use to management and production/facilities engineers in Oil & Gas operating companies who have an interest in maximizing the production from the asset including facilities with no additional CAPEX costs.