Production optimisation of an oil and gas field is of paramount importance to all operating companies, especially in the current era of low oil prices.

When the field is modelled mathematically, normally only the production system (sand-face to separator inlet) is considered in the model. Increased production and a much better understanding of the asset can be achieved by including the facilities components in the model.

An oil and gas asset contains three main elements:

  • Reservoir
  • Production systems
  • Facilities

To model the integrated production and facilities systems, software tools can be linked at the system boundary (usually the separator) and data (pressure, flowrates, etc.) passed across this boundary. This approach not only leads to model inaccuracies (e.g. different fluid definitions) but also prevents true asset optimisation as only the individual elements can be optimised. To gain the maximum benefit from an integrated model, the same software tool should be used for both the production and facilities elements.

This webinar will explain the basis of production optimisation and integrated asset optimisation along with an overview of PSE's gPROMS Oilfield optimisation environment that can be used to both model and optimise integrated production and facilities systems.

Topics covered

Key areas that will be examined are:

  • Overview of production systems
  • Overview of production optimisation
  • Overview of facilities system
  • Integrated asset modelling and optimisation
  • Introduction to and unique benefits of the gPROMS Oilfield technology
  • Case study showing integrated asset optimisation using gPROMS Oilfield


Dr. Malcolm Woodman is a production optimisation specialist. Malcolm spent 25+years at BP. His final role was BP Technical Lead for production optimisation strategies and solutions. He has in-depth knowledge and experience of modelling and optimisation and is the author of many papers.





45 minutes plus Q&A

Who should attend?

The webinar will be of use to management and production/facilities engineers in Oil & Gas operating companies who have an interest in maximizing production with no additional CAPEX.


No charge