Reliable optimisation of the design and operation of fixed-bed catalytic reactors requires highly detailed models that can represent the relevant phenomena at all scales – from microscale reaction and diffusion in the catalyst pores to macro-scale operation in the full industrial reactor geometry. PSE’s Advanced Model Library for Fixed-Bed Catalytic Reactors provides detailed catalyst and packed bed models for heterogeneous catalysis, plus cooling models for tubular and annular reactors, to allow high-fidelity modelling of virtually any kind of fixed-bed reactor. This technology has been proven in many industry applications for a wide variety of reactions. Benefits include reduced model development times, improved reactor designs, improved operations, enhanced catalyst life, and the ability to screen and rank catalysts before actual installation.

Topics covered

  • Reactor library content
  • Demonstration of gPROMS software
  • Toolkit for validating reaction kinetics
  • Reactor optimisation
  • Industrial case study


Charles Brand
Charles Brand, Senior Applications Engineer, PSE

Charles Brand is a Senior Applications Engineer in PSE’s Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining business unit. He is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD from Imperial College on carbon capture using amine solvents. Charles has several years of industrial experience in catalytic reactors and distillation column modelling.

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45 minutes plus Q&A


Who should attend?

The webinar is aimed at reaction and process engineers and technology managers from the Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals industries who are interested in learning more about current tools and best practice for reactor design and new process development.