This webinar describes how large-scale MINLP optimisation can be used to maximize the profitability of complex chemical plants, both at the engineering design stage and during operation. One of the two cases illustrated here led to identified savings of 10s of millions of euros per year.

In the production of chemicals such as propylene oxide and styrene monomer, the annualised cost of the process (and hence its profitability) is strongly influenced by the capital cost of the reactor and separation equipment, and the energy requirements for large distillation columns. Thus when determining the optimal process design, it is essential to consider all key decisions simultaneously, including both the reaction and separation sections.

Topics covered

In this webinar, you will learn about how whole-plant optimisation allows you to:

  • Avoid time-wasting trial-and-error design
  • Explore a multi-dimensional design and operating problem efficiently
  • Come up with solutions you hadn't considered
  • Reveal major, feasible profitability improvements


Mariana Marques Mariana Marques is an Applications Engineer at PSE. She has an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior T├ęcnico in Portugal.



45 minutes