Oil prices reached their all-time low in last 30 years during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Operators saw a significant reduction in demand earlier in the year which led briefly to negative oil prices.

With the oil price now steadily recovering, the webinar will look at some of the current challenges faced by the industry and will describe software technology that can accurately predict and optimize these complex and challenging systems. It will also highlight the importance of the additional value that can be created by integrated asset optimization.


  • Challenges faced by industry
  • Overview of Production & Facilities Optimization
  • Case study: Integrated Asset Optimization
Dr Malcolm Woodman
Dr Malcolm Woodman, Consultant, PSE

Dr Malcolm Woodman started consulting for PSE in 2016, after more than 25 years with BP. For the last 10 years at BP, Malcolm was Project Manager, Program Manager and Technical Lead for the use of model-based optimization in BP Upstream. His key responsibility was the development of systems to allow the use of commercial production modeling packages for production optimization on the operating assets, not just by central modeling specialists. Malcolm is the author of many peer-reviewed journal papers and conference presentations, covering topics including three phase distillation, use of thermodynamics packages in industry, and production optimization.

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30 minutes (20 mins + 10 mins Q&A)

Who should attend?

The webinar is aimed at production engineers, production technologists, petroleum engineers, facilities engineers and asset managers from operating companies and engineering procurement companies.

It will provide a platform to learn from one of the industry’s top optimization experts. A recording will be made available to all the registered attendees after the broadcast.