Real-Time Data-Driven Production Optimization

In a data-driven world, a solution to provide a comprehensive overview of asset performance represents an opportunity to optimize production holistically. However, this understanding of complex systems requires the consideration of data from multiple sources in real time. Today, this data is typically scattered across several separate tools and software packages. The second challenge towards real-time data-driven production optimization is the lack of holistic models – meaning a development of a single strong mathematical algorithm, whose simulation is giving results that are based on the whole value chain with all its complexity, multiple interactions and constraints. Siemens’ development of a powerful digital twin model is at the heart of a system of real-time production monitoring and optimization. Using the integration of data, simulation and visualization of the entire value chain – from subsurface equipment to central processing facilities – production can be potentially increased by 5 to 10%.

This webinar is presented as part of the World Oil "Artificial Lift & Production Optimization" series.


Bob Okhuijsen, Portfolio Management and Innovation O&G, Siemens

Bob Okhuijsen acts on the cross road of portfolio management and innovation, developing the proposition of “Siemens Solutions” in the Oil & Gas market. Bob worked as a business developer for a small German company for specialized compressor parts in the petrochemical industry. In the following 11 years working for Siemens, his career has been focused on upstream operational excellence (e.g. increasing recovery rate, optimization of production).

Bob has written a number of industry accepted papers on production optimization and presented the topic at various conferences such as ADIPEC in UAE.

Dr. Kevin Wade, Director O&G Production Systems, Process Systems Enterprise

Dr. Kevin Wade graduated from Greenwich University, London with 1st Class Honors in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing. He went on to complete a PhD at the same university in a new numerical method for the solution of stiff systems of ODE’s, before starting as a post-doc researcher developing a new CFD computer code for the modeling of iron-ore blast furnaces.

He joined the Oil & Gas industry in 1989 with Baker Jardine to manage the development of the first commercially available gas lift optimization program for oil fields. He moved into management and director level roles before Baker Jardine was acquired by Schlumberger in 2000; where Kevin became the PIPESIM Product Champion.

Kevin moved to the SPT Group in 2003 as their well technology Director to develop the OLGA technology for the dynamically modeling of wells. He subsequently moved to Neotec to head up their European operations. Via various acquisitions Kevin found himself back at Schlumberger in 2012 heading up the PIPESIM/OLGA integration team.

Kevin joined Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) in 2015 as Director of the Production System group to expand their successful optimization technology into the Oil & Gas sector. He has written a number of industry accepted papers on CFD, production optimization and field planning.

Moderator: Joe D. Woods, President, International Pinpoint

Joe Woods is President of International Pinpoint – a marketing and technical information company in Houston. Mr. Woods has over 40 years of energy industry experience. He was Director of Marketing and Associate Publisher at World Oil for over 12 years. Previously, he was Vice President of Marketing at GEO International Corporation and held key marketing positions at Halliburton. At Halliburton he was instrumental in developing curriculum for the Modern Well Completion Practices School, and he has written numerous articles on a wide variety of industry subjects. Mr. Woods co-authored the Modern Sandface Completion Practices Handbook and the Mature Oil & Gas Wells Downhole Remediation Handbook. He attended Texas A&M University and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas.