Mechanistic modelling of spray dryer performance on milk powder moisture content would attribute to the efficiency, understanding of spray drying and improving the consistency of the powder moisture content. The next step in modelling is to bring these models into real time calculation and make them integral in factory operations. With a digital twin this is exactly what is being done. We introduce a mechanistic model that extract data from the sensors, makes a powder moisture prediction and communicates in real time with the process automation. Such a Digital Twin reduces the need of manual data input that is sensitive to errors and at the same time increases factory output and reduces variability.

What this webinar covers

  • Digital Twin application and benefits
  • Collaboration with SPSE


Sherwin Safavi Nic
Sherwin Safavi Nic, Danone

As a part of the Advanced Technology group within Danone, Sherwin is responsible for model development, validation and application. His focus area is to simulate the production process from raw materials until final product by integrating R&D knowledge and practical knowledge. Sherwin is a gPROMS key user for heat treatment and drying models, which includes support with model development and flowsheet development for various production locations. Sherwin joined Danone in 2016, and before that studied Chemical Engineering at the TU Delft.