The gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP) is a robust, integrated software framework for the development and online deployment of complex model-based decision support systems as part of intelligent digital operations.

It takes care of all essential activities for online implementation and execution of models – management of external and internal data exchange, data cleansing and validation, and execution scheduling of the model based computations – within an integrated fail-safe framework.

Platform overview

The gDAP provides a complete framework for intelligent digital operations

  • Internal and external data exchange, cleansing and validation
  • Monitoring, soft-sensing, forecasting and optimization applications
  • Steady-state detection, state estimation, simulation, optimization and non-linear MPC activities
  • Full failure recovery for robust operation.

In addition it also provides a comprehensive framework for developing and testing (for example Factory Acceptance Testing, or FAT) digital applications.

Integrated data management & computation

The gDAP takes care of all essential activities for online implementation and execution of high-fidelity models as part of operations decision support systems. The figure shows the architecture and data flows:

Core software components include

  • External Data Manager, managing communication with the external data servers
  • Execution Schedule Manager, managing the timing of the execution of the various calculations
  • Execution Monitor, which ensures correct operation and takes corrective action if necessary
  • Data Validation Modules that apply extensive validation to all data exchanged within the system and with external data servers, and handle any cases of missing or invalid data

Computational Modules (CMs) that perform the requested applications described in the section above – for example steady-state detection, parameter estimation, optimization, simulation.


The gPROMS Digital Applications Platform is supplied as the basis of all PSE’s intelligent digital operations applications, including the gPROMS Operational Excellence Solutions.