gCOAS - Oral Absorption Simulation

A new standard in preclinical simulation

Developed in cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies, gCOAS is an analysis tool for prediction of drug absorption in the human intestine as a function of product formulation parameters and ingestion conditions.

gCOAS provides formulation scientists with a tool to easily and quickly screen new formulations, with the ultimate objective of designing a good dosage form.

Advantages over prior approaches

gCOAS offers many advantages over prior approaches:

Identify risk factors prior to FIH trials

gCOAS is designed from the bottom up to simulate oral absorption based solely on measurable, physicochemical properties available before human, animal or even in vitro trials. Insights developed in gCOAS become a guide to identify and mitigate risk factors, and ultimately to reduce the number of costly, time-consuming trials while also reducing unnecessary risk to test subjects.

Make better predictions based on better models

The high-fidelity, mechanistic models in gCOAS make use of modelling methods well beyond the data fitting techniques commonly employed. An approach based on fundamental physics, chemistry and physiology allows gCOAS to give unprecedented confidence in the accuracy of predictions.


Easily incorporate proprietary models

gCOAS includes easy-to-use templates to incorporate custom kinetic equations for any process within the system. Formulation scientists can leverage prior R&D investments in specific areas of expertise while operating within an open, compatible simulation framework.

Accurately represent dynamic physiology

gCOAS includes preset physiologies and the explicit values that define the physiological environment. User-defined custom physiologies allow tremendous flexibility to choose the number of segments in the GI tract and the physiological conditions in each segment.


See interdependencies in open model reports

gCOAS is based on the powerful gPROMS platform which simultaneously solves all model equations while providing complete, fast access to all calculations throughout the simulation. Formulation scientists can see not just a result, but also the interdependencies and relationships that lead to the result. gCOAS gives you the clarity to make decisions with confidence.


Optimize the clinical trial pathway for increased R&D efficiency

As the pharmaceutical industry faces increasing pressure to bring new and better drugs to market earlier, gCOAS and complementary technologies help scientists improve predictions and reduce trials. Flexible, open models that predict performance over a range of conditions allow pharmaceutical scientists to explore the decision space rapidly, effectively and at low cost.