gCOAS - Oral Absorption Simulation

Software environment & features

The gCOAS software environment is designed for ease-of-use and flexibility. As a gPROMS platform product, the graphic interface incorporates a familiar project tree and palette structure with drag & drop models, connectors and specifications. gCOAS includes extensive documentation for all models, templates for custom kinetics, and comprehensive results visualisation. All calculation results are easily accessible within the software and can be exported for use in other tools.

A familiar, drag & drop graphic interface

Models are simply dragged from the palette on the right, and then connected using stream connectors.

Forms for specification inputs and model feature selection

All input is via easy-to-use specification dialogs, with default values where appropriate and drop-box selection of features.

Templates for custom kinetics

gCOAS includes easy-to-use templates to incorporate custom kinetic equations for any process within the system. Users can incorporate proprietary information from prior R&D investments while operating within an open, compatible simulation environment. There is no need to learn a new programming language or even to consider the numerical solution process.

Detailed documentation for all models

gCOAS is an extremely open, detailed environment. Documentation and help files are available with a single click. Extensive documentation covers all model equations including references to published scientific literature where appropriate.

Complete access to all calculations

gCOAS is based on the powerful gPROMS platform which simultaneously solves all model equations while providing complete, fast access to all calculations throughout the simulation.

Export data to other applications

gCOAS is designed to be a part of the larger drug development workflow. Data is easily exported for use in other applications including data visualisation software. gCOAS is a key technology within the framework of Systems-based Pharmaceutics. As a result, gCOAS has been built to interact with other software.