gCCS – overview

Whole chain CCS systems modelling

gCCS is a system modelling tool for support of design and operating decisions across the CCS chain. It contains steady-state and dynamic models of all major CCS operations, from power generation through capture, compression, transmission to injection.


‘Drill-down’ view from a whole CCS chain model (left) into a pulverised coal power station and amine-based capture process models (center and right)


gCCS can be used for modelling individual systems – for example, to analyse start-up and shut down of solvent-based capture systems – or to analyse interoperability across different chain components.

Some typical applications of gCCS are to:

  • Investigate flexible operation of a post-combustion capture plant attached to a coal-fired power station
  • Optimize integration between the power plant and capture plant
  • Design optimal compression trains for flexible service
  • Investigate the effects of upstream or downstream changes in operation (for example, injection trip)
  • Screen and rank economic alternatives
  • Optimize design or operation based on an economic objective function.

Major features

gCCS is built on PSE’s gPROMS advanced process modelling platform, and inherits many of the platform’s powerful capabilities. Key features are:

  • High-fidelity models of all main CCS chain components with multicomponent streams, equilibrium and rate-based phase modelling
  • Rigorous gSAFT physical properties specially implemented for CCS service – for example, handling CO2 streams with impurities
  • Intuitive drag & drop flowsheeting environment
  • Steady-state and dynamic simulation within the same environment
  • Powerful solution capabilities, allowing simultaneous analysis of large sections of CCS networks with many recycles
  • Optimization – including mixed-integer and dynamic optimization – capabilities, allowing economic optimization with many decision variables
  • Custom modelling capabilities, allowing easy creation of new process models
  • Execution on multiple Windows and Linux platforms.


Screenshot showing an expanded view of a whole-chain model

Scope at-a-glance

gCCS provides models for the whole CCS chain:

Power generation Capture

  • Conventional generation – pulverised coal
  • Conventional generation – CCGT
  • New generation – Oxyfuel
  • New generation – IGCC

  • Physical & chemical solvent-based pre- and post-combustion capture
  • to be extended in future
Compression & transmission Injection & storage

  • Compressors
  • Onshore and subsea pipelines
  • Instrumentation

  • Distribution headers & choke valves
  • Well
  • Simplified reservoir models
Utilities Physical properties

  • Standard process models (heat exchanger, valves, etc.)
  • Control models

  • Standard VLE physical properties
  • Steam properties
  • gSAFT advanced thermodynamics

It is possible to integrate standard PSE’s offerings, such as air-separation unit (ASU) models, with the gCCS libraries.


gCCS is part of the gPROMS product family, and is suppplied on a similar licence basis to other products.

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We need tools that enable us to look at the whole system simultaneously so that we can answer questions and make decisions based on accurate numbers

High-fidelity CCS system modelling

gCCS model palette

gCCS model palette