gCCS philosophy

An ecosystem for CCS

gCCS is intended to be an open, commercially-available framework that becomes the standard “operating system” for engineers working in carbon capture & storage.

The more people using and contributing to the environment, the more successful it will be in this aim.

What is the gCCS ecosystem?

The gCCS ecosystem comprises PSE, the users of gCCS, and organisations – universities, research organisations, companies such as process vendors – who are writing models for use within the gCCS framework.

You too can become part of the CCS ecosystem.Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Who’s in the ecosystem?

Typical stakeholders in the ‘gCCS ecosystem’ are:

  • Owner-operators, who use gCCS to analyse investment options, understand new technology, optimize design and operation and in general de-risk investments. Their major contribution to the ecosystem is in terms of feedback, driving development requirements and driving use of the system by their suppliers.
  • Process vendors, who use gCCS to develop and perfect processes and test these again a range of scenarios. Their major contribution is to provide models of their processes within the gCCS framework. gCCS provides encryption and licensing facilities to control access to models, if required.
  • Engineering companies, who are similar to owner-operators in that they are primarily users of models within the product.
  • Equipment vendors, who use gCCS to test their equipment against a range of scenarios. Similarly to process vendors, their major contribution is to provide models of their equipment within the gCCS framework.
  • Academic researchers, who might be developing new capture processes, testing solvents, devising mechanisms for solvent degradation, and so on. They can benefit from having a ready-made framework in which to test their findings, and can also use gCCS as a dissemination tool, providing models to industrial collaborators.
  • Research organisations, whose use and role is similar to that of academics.
More Information

You too can become part of the CCS ecosystem. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.