gCCS whole-chain system modelling

Screenshots of whole-chain and component flowsheets

The following screenshots provide an idea of the scope of gCCS’s application.

Whole-chain model

The CCS chain is typically assembled as a high-level model. It is possible to ‘drill down’ to see detail of the individual components (lower screenshot).


The whole-chain schematic showing the various component sub-flowsheets:

Power generation flowsheets

gCCS contains conventional (pulverised coal and combined-cycle gas turbine) and ‘new generation’ options (oxycoal and gasification) power generation models.

Pulverised coal-fired station:

Combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT):

Post-combustion capture process

gCCS caters for solvent-based capture processes of all kinds.

Amine-based capture process flowsheet:

Compression system

gCCS provides detailed high-fidelity modelling of compression systems using 1-D, 2-D or dimensionless performance maps (manufacturers’ curves).

Four-stage compression system:

Transport and injection

gCCS provides pipeline models of different fidelity, plus well and other injection models.

Pipelines & wells:

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