gE:Web – Enterprise Web Publishing Solution

Publish and deploy gPROMS models via the web or intranet

The gPROMS Enterprise Web Publishing Solution makes the power of gPROMS models developed in the gPROMS ModelBuilder and the other members of the gPROMS product family accessible across the enterprise.

It supports all types of gPROMS-based calculations, including steady-state and dynamic simulation and optimization, and parameter estimation.

Why use gE:Web?

The gE:Web solution provides a powerful and convenient way to, for example, allow central R&D or engineering personnel to develop and ‘publish’ model-based tools for use in supporting day-to-day decisions by operations or purchasing personnel.

Typical use is in applications such as:

  • day-to-day plant optimization of plant operations
  • processing of plant data – for example, for data reconciliation and yield accounting
  • look-ahead dynamic simulation or optimization for operating decision support
  • support of feedstock purchasing decisions
  • catalyst activity monitoring.

Benefits of gE:Web

gE:Web enables multiple return on modelling investment through re-use of gPROMS models. By providing corporate-wide model access, it promotes seamless working across different parts of the organisation, with easy transfer of corporate knowledge between departments.

gE:Web applications are fully accessible using ‘thin clients’. Users may be located anywhere and need only a standard web browser to access the model via the corporate intranet. The model is typically located centrally on a computer server, where it is maintained by a central R&D or Engineering group.

This means that large, complex models can be executed on a powerful central machine – for example, a multi-core server – dedicated to the purpose, rather than users’ laptop or desktop computers. This also eliminates the corporate IT costs often associated with installation of software on local machines.

By allowing centralised model maintenance, gE:Web ensures that all users are automatically using the latest version of the model. gE:Web also allows full control of access to the individual models published hosted within via standard user authentication mechanisms, and maintains a full record of each user’s actual activity.

Licensing & supply

gE:Web is a comprehensive package that comprises all necessary software components, including ‘thin client’ web delivery tools, as well as configuration and support services.

It is available in four package levels, with different limits on the number of users that are simultaneously logged into the gE:Web environment:

  1. gE:Web Bronze: up to 5 simultaneous accesses
  2. gE:Web Silver: up to 10 simultaneous accesses
  3. gE:Web Gold: up to 20 simultaneous accesses
  4. gE:Web Platinum: unlimited access
More Information

Adding value via gE:Web

  • easy re-use of valuable modelling investment
  • easy transfer of powerful models between modelling experts and other users
  • brings gPROMS model-based decision support to operations or purchasing teams
  • deployment of models across the enterprise

Typical applications

Simulation of air separation units for support of commercial tendering



Wastewater treatment plant simulation and energy optimization