gPROMS Objects

Execute gPROMS models within other engineering software

gPROMS Objects wrap a gPROMS model, plus all the solvers and other gPROMS components required for its solution, in a form that can be executed within another software environment.

This advanced capability allows you to run gPROMS models in environments as diverse as Aspen Plus®, FLUENT® or MATLAB® as though it were part of that software, to provide the power of advanced process modelling to users across your organisation.

The following gPROMS Objects are available. Click on the logos to see individual product details.


gO:Run is a gPROMS “runtime engine” that allows a gPROMS simulation – and optionally, optimization, parameter estimation and experiment design – of any size to be executed behind a Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic or any other suitable interface.

gO:Run is ideal for providing operations personnel, sales departments or other “non-modelling” users with detailed models for decision support, executing on a local computer behind a customised, easy-to-understand user interface. It can also be used to execute models within an automation system for online monitoring, control and optimization applications.

Model encryption can be used to prevent unauthorised changes and protect confidential information. gO:Run is supplied as a node-locked licence only, for execution on a local computer.


The gPROMS Unit Object for CAPE-OPEN allows gPROMS models developed in ModelBuilder® to run within CAPE-OPEN compliant flowsheeting tools, such as Aspen Technology’s Aspen Plus® or Invensys SimSci’s PRO/II®.

This means that the full custom modelling power of gPROMS can be used to create and validate complex unit operation models which are then provided to process engineers for flowsheeting activities.


The gPROMS Object for MATLAB® is used to embed a gPROMS model developed using the ModelBuilder as an M-function within The Mathworks MATLAB environment, for use in control system design.

This provides an easy mechanism to create M-functions that involve complex calculations, for example where implicit solution is required, and ensures consistency between equipment and control design.


The gPROMS Object for CFD packages a gPROMS model as a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) “source” term for use within ANSYS’s FLUENT® CFD package or CD Adapco’s STAR-CD®.

Options include additional licences for parallelised execution of the CFD calculation.

gO:CFD is ideal for embedding complex reaction models, or other calculations which are difficult to implement as user-defined functions, within CFD models.

Licensing, supported platforms and pre-requisites

gPROMS Objects are available on common Windows and Linux platforms unless specific restrictions apply for a particular product. Licensing is on an annual, concurrent user basis. Parallel execution licences are available for gO:CFD and gO:Run.

See supported platforms for the latest information on supported systems and version pre-requisites for target software.

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You can substantially increase ROI from initial investment in models by deploying them to create value in other parts of the organisation

Web-based delivery

For web-based delivery, PSE also provides the gE:Web Enterprise Web Publishing Solution.


Execute gPROMS models behind an Excel, visual basic or other custom interface


Execute gPROMS models within process simulators such as Aspen PlusTM


Execute gPROMS models within The Mathworks MATLAB®


Execute gPROMS reaction models within ANSYS’s FLUENT® computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package