The gPROMS Object for MATLAB

The gPROMS Object for MATLAB® (gO:MATLAB) is a unique and powerful tool that enables control engineers to deploy complex, non-linear gPROMS advanced process models within the widely-used Mathworks MATLAB® environment.

gO:MATLAB allows an entire gPROMS model to be called as a single function from inside MATLAB, enabling you to solve a complex set of algebraic and ordinary and partial differential equations within a single call.

It is of particular benefit where an existing gPROMS process model can be redeployed, thus saving development costs.

Why use gO:MATLAB?


  • brings process modelling power of gPROMS to control systems design
  • enables easy transfer of models between process and control engineers
  • provides solution of complex sets of equations within a single function call
  • enables easy re-use of high-accuracy gPROMS models used for design
  • allows full physical property and equilibrium or mass transfer modelling
  • harnesses the advantages of both MATLAB and gPROMS
  • allows control engineers and process modellers to work in their preferred environments

…for integrated process, equipment and control design.

Why use gO:MATLAB?

For example, a validated, detailed gPROMS batch reactor model used for equipment design can be called as a MATLAB function for use in control analysis and design. Better process models mean better control design.

This powerful combination of best-in-class technologies enables control engineers to work in their environment of choice, while using high-accuracy gPROMS design models built by process modelling experts.

This helps promote seamless working across different parts of the organisation, and avoids the need for existing models to be simplified and rewritten for the MATLAB environment.

How gO:MATLAB works

No restrictions are imposed on the gPROMS model, which can make full use of all gPROMS” simulation features and numerical capabilities.

Models are exported from gPROMS using a simple export facility, which packages the model and all the solvers and support software required for its solution within MATLAB.

The model is executed in MATLAB using the gO:MATLAB call. You can request the gO:MATLAB function to startselect (a particular model), simulateevaluate and stop.

Using gO:MATLAB – a simple step-by-step guide

Licensing, supported platforms and pre-requisites

gO:MATLAB is licensed as an optional component of the gPROMS family. A gPROMS ModelBuilder® licence is required if you wish to build the gPROMS model that will execute within MATLAB. See supported platforms for gO:MATLAB availability.