The gPROMS Runtime Object

The gPROMS Runtime Object (gO:Run) is an execution-only engine that runs a gPROMS simulation, optimization or parameter estimation model created in gPROMS ModelBuilder® or certain other gPROMS family products.

gO:Run is typically used to execute gPROMS models behind custom MS Excel or Visual Basic interfaces, or as a component within the automation system.

Why use gO:Run?

gO:Run is often used as a convenient way to provide model-based decision support information to “non-modelling” users – for example, to operators in the control room, or planning personnel or purchasers making feedstock decisions1.

gO:Run enables multiple return on modelling investment, through re-use of models, and promotes seamless working across different parts of the organisation, with easy transfer of corporate knowledge between departments.

How gO:Run works

gO:Run will execute any model capable of being executed in gPROMS ModelBuilder; all you need to do is export the required model. No specific changes are required to a gPROMS model to allow it to be used with gO:RUN.

gO:RUN applications executed from external software typically use the gPROMS Foreign Process and Foreign Object Interfaces to exchange data with the external software; gO:RUN can also send results to gRMS, the default gPROMS Results Management System.

Models are encrypted during the export process, meaning that the author’s confidential information is protected and that the models themselves are protected from unauthorised change.

You can execute an exported model within gO:RUN in one of two ways:

  • as a stand-alone application executed from a command window, for running multiple gPROMS executions in batch mode
  • from software such as MS Excel, Plant Control System software or a customised interface.

Using gO:Run – a simple step-by-step guide

Step 1
Develop and test the gPROMS model inside the gPROMS ModelBuilder environment.

Step 2
Export the gPROMS model to gO:Run.

Step 2(a) (optional)

Create a front-end using Excel, Visual Basic, or other suitable environment.

Step 3
Execute the gPROMS model within gO:Run from

a command line or from your custom front-end.

The user can start, stop, pause and resume the application, interact with key variables, and see all results from a simple MS Excel interface running on his or her computer; execution of the gPROMS model is invisible.

All the standard functions of Excel can be used. Data used by the application can be stored within Excel.

Licensing, supported platforms and pre-requisites

gO:Run is licensed as an optional component of the gPROMS family. It is provided as a single node-locked licence allowing the execution on a local machine of model-based activities using encrypted models exported from any suitable gPROMS family product.

Simulation activities are included as standard; optimization, parameter estimation and experiment design activities are available as optional extras.

ModelBuilder or other appropriate gPROMS family product licence is required if you wish to build the gPROMS model that will execute within gO:Run.


1For customers who wish to embed models together with the gPROMS solution engine more formally within their own software for internal use or external distribution, PSE offers the concept of gPROMS-Based Applications (gBAs). Please contact us for details.

More Information

Adding value via gO:Run

  • easy re-use of valuable modelling investment
  • easy transfer of powerful models between modelling experts and other users
  • brings gPROMS model-based decision support to operations or purchasing teams
  • easy deployment of models for operator training
  • provide custom front-end for presentations to management or clients
  • use gPROMS as a powerful modelling and solution engine behind in-house software
  • replace core components of legacy software with easy-to-maintain gPROMS models