gPROMS Operational Excellence Solutions (gOES) are intelligent digital operations solutions that deploy high-fidelity models within plant automation or other operations systems.

They typically combine plant data and models to provide advanced process monitoring, soft-sensing, forecasting, optimization and decision support capabilities, delivered to Operations via custom dashboards or the plant automation system displays.

gOES are built on the gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP) to ensure robust, fail-safe operation. They exploit gPROMS’s equation-oriented numerical solution power for rapid solution of complex optimization and self-calibration calculations.

Deployed gOES

PSE’s portfolio of gOES is growing continually. It currently includes the following solutions, all of which have been deployed at customer operating sites:

gPROMS Olefins is an advanced digital operations suite for online decision support of olefins plants. It combines current and historical plant data with high-fidelity plant models to provide monitoring of furnace coking, real-time soft sensing, furnace section optimization and forecasting for decision support.

gPROMS Utilities is an advanced next-generation platform for managing and optimizing utilities operation. It provides a means for refineries and chemical plants to optimize on-site production and distribution of energy to minimise cost and CO2 emissions.

gPROMS Oilfield Optimizer optimizes day-to-day production from oil and gas fields – including integrated asset optimization of both production and facilities systems – to maximize oil production or minimise costs. It also provides field planning and forecasting capabilities.

gPROMS Reactor self-calibrating digital twins combine PSE’s advanced catalytic reaction models with live data from the plant to provide decision support information that helps operators deal with changing process conditions, feed supply and product demands.


gOES are implemented on your site in the gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP), an integrated capability for deploying high-fidelity models online.

PSE typically provides gOESs as packaged solutions that include implementation, integration within real-time/online systems and/or workflows, maintenance and annual software licences.

Deployment includes a comprehensive turnkey service that starts with a consultation on your requirements and ends with an implemented and tested application.

Operational Excellence Solutions are configured for and deployed on specific assets, meaning that they can be transferred on sale of the asset.

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