gPROMS Process is a next-generation Advanced Process Modelling environment for design and operation of high-performance process plants.

gPROMS Process is a true digital design tool, supporting the process development and design cycle from R&D experimentation through to commissioning. Models used for design can then be exported into the gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP) for implementation online as part of the automation system.

An integrated toolset for the process lifecycle

gPROMS Process combines industry-leading steady-state and dynamic models with all the power of the gPROMS equation-oriented modelling, analysis and optimization platform in an easy-to-use process flowsheeting environment.


True digital design capability

gPROMS Process is unique among process simulation tools in that it was designed from the ground up to support all aspects of the process lifecycle, from R&D to operations.

This includes a true digital design capability, enabling accelerated innovation, optimized process design and accurate quantification of technology risk.

With gPROMS Process you can:


Industry-leading library models capture physics and chemistry to a high level of detail. If you need to, you can write your own custom models, or use hybrid data driven / first principles models to use the power of AI.


Sophisticated model validation capabilities allow you to incorporate laboratory and plant data into high-fidelity physics-based models, using industry-leading parameter estimation (including Bayesian) techniques.


Global system analysis techniques make it possible to explore the process decision space rapidly and effectively, to determine the effect of variations and uncertainty on process KPIs and accurately quantify risk.


Industry-leading mathematical optimization capabilities allow you to determine the optimal values for multiple design variables simultaneously, to arrive at truly optimized designs in the minimum time.


gPROMS Process models can be exported for implementation online within the gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP), for real-time monitoring, soft-sensing and real-time optimization applications coupled with plant data.

Features at-a-glance

The feature-rich ProcessBuilder environment brings many advantages. Here is a summary:

Feature   Advantage
Drag & drop flowsheeting easy, natural flowsheet construction
Libraries of all standard process models easy modelling of virtually any process, from reactor design to wastewater treatment and utility optimization, within the same environment
Steady-state and dynamics one environment for all activity
Global system analysis techniques explore the decision space under uncertainty
Powerful optimization, including mixed integer optimization seek optimal answers directly rather than via trial-end-error simulation
World-leading custom modelling capability using gPROMS language create your own corporate libraries to capture competitive advantage
Sophisticated gPROMS Properties including associating, polymer, electrolyte one powerful materials modelling tool for all applications
gSAFT advanced thermodynamics, including group contribution method predict complex associating fluid behaviour with minimal data


gPROMS Process is provided in modular form, so you need only purchase the elements that you require. See the gPROMS Process product sheet for a full definition

More Information

The power of optimization…

increase in ethylene production from C2 hydrogenation
reported increase in annual profit from natural gas system optimization
€10s of m
improvement in process economics for a new petrochemicals process