Sustainability initiatives have placed electrochemical cells at the forefront of process electrification. R&D activities are rapidly improving the efficiency of these cells and there is a need to scale up design to embed these technologies seamlessly within existing processes.

PSE’s AML:ECR® (Advanced Model Library: Electrochemical Cell Reactors) provides high-fidelity, first-principles models within gPROMS Process that can capture the performance of various types of electrolysers and fuel cells, including

  • Water electrolysis
  • CO2 electro-reduction
  • PEM and solid oxide fuel cells

Model-based design can accelerate time-to-market while reducing risk and R&D spending.

Accelerating the development lifecycle

The AML:ECR provides a single environment for MEA, cell, stack and system level design, enabling the transfer of knowledge from one stage to the next every step of the way. This approach maximizes the use of experimental data in design decisions

Model Validation

Use experimental measurements to validate cell performance under a wide range of conditions.

Digital Design

Use validated cell model to scale-up design and explore the performance and transient response in a controlled environment to make informed design decisions.

System Design

Using the range of models available in gPROMS Process, embed the electrochemical cell reactor within larger processes to optimize plant design.

Decision Support

Deploy models to web-based interfaces for operation decision support or use by non-modelling experts.

Advantages and benefits

An accurate predictive model provides many benefits:

  • Accelerated innovation with faster time-to-market
  • Optimized component and system designs
  • Reduced or better-managed risk
  • Reduced experimentation time & cost
  • More efficient experimentation
  • Reduced R&D spending
  • Potential for online digital applications for monitoring, soft-sensing and real-time optimization


The AML:ECR is supplied as an optional component of part of gPROMS Process. gPROMS Process is a prerequisite.