Accurate and efficient prediction of material behaviour is a pre-requisite for predictive process modelling.

PSE’s gPROMS Properties package covers a wide range of systems, including solid phases and reactive systems, and complex compounds such as associating compounds, polymers and electrolytes, within a single properties package.

gPROMS Properties is designed to be easily usable by experts and non-experts, with easy configuration of materials, management of databases and results visualisation.

A tight integration between process and material modelling ensure robust and efficient solution of even the largest and most complex problems.

gPROMS Properties – capabilities at-a-glance

gPROMS Properties provides a unified approach across all process industry sectors, to ensure sustainability in technology development and maintenance:

Wide range of systems

gPROMS Properties handles gas and liquid fluid phases, solid phases and reactive systems

Deals with complex compounds

In addition standard fluids, gPROMS Properties handles associating compounds, polymers and electrolyte systems

Wide range of models

A wide range of standard industry thermodynamic models are implemented, with the ability to utilise existing parameter databanks and a flexible architecture to add new models

Tight integration with process modelling

gPROMS properties has robust & efficient algorithms, with a wide range of flash calculation options

Predictive accuracy

The unique SAFT-ϒ Mie handles situations where little or no experimental data is available

Usable by experts & non experts

The environment provides easy configuration of materials, management of databases and results visualization