Many organizations invest significant amounts in building advanced process models for R&D and engineering design in gPROMS.

The gPROMS Web Applications Platform allows you to leverage this investment, making the power of these models available to users throughout the organization in an easily accessible, user-friendly format.

gPROMS Web Application users do not need to know anything about the underlying model. All they need to now is how to use the App.

How it works

The gPROMS Web Applications Platform (gWAP) allows any modeller to publish a model as a gPROMS Web Application (gWA) behind an easy-to-use web interface.

gWAP Workflow


Published models are typically installed on a central server that is accessible via the company intranet to all intended users, or in externally-hosted clouds. Centralised administration allows tight management of user access and quality control.

This enables users such as operations personnel, purchasers and scientists to leverage the information and IP within high-fidelity models for decision support in a familiar, easy-to-use form.

Using a web browser, users provide the required inputs, execute the application, and view the results. They can also browse and manage results saved from previous executions.

Typical examples

Some typical examples of gPROMS Web Applications are shown below:

Example: Web app to analyse the effect of seeding policy and temperature profile on particle size distribution and cycle time for batch cooling crystallization

Example: Web app to help select the most appropriate configuration for a staged membrane filtration process

Example: Web app to determine optimal recipe for a batch hydrogenation reactor based on variable feedstock composition

Example: Web app to analyse the effect of spray dryer inlet parameters on product moisture content and operating point with respect to stickiness curve

Other typical applications of gWAs include:

  • day-to-day optimization of plant operations
  • processing of plant data – for example, for data reconciliation and yield accounting
  • look-ahead dynamic simulation or optimization for ‘what-if’ operating decision support
  • sophisticated model-based calculation and analysis tools for scientists and researchers
  • purchasing support tools for feedstock purchasing decisions
  • sales tools for licensed process business development

In fact, gWAs can be used anywhere that complex, non-linear calculations are required to speed up and streamline business, technical and operating decisions.

User categories

The gPROMS Web Applications Platform is designed to support multiple categories of user within the organization:

  • Administrator – manages all other users, their access to the gWAP, and their ability to act as Web Applications Publishers
  • Publisher – develops gWAs by publishing existing gPROMS models, including defining inputs and outputs and configuring the layout and look-and-feel of the corresponding user interfaces
  • User – perform calculations using published gWAs to which they have been granted access
  • Viewer– can view their existing results from gWAs to which they have been granted access, without using a calculation license.


PSE offers three different products associated with the gPROMS Web Applications Platform:

Product code Name A P V U Notes
gSW-9010 gWAP Access Required for each user
gSW-9011 gWAP Calculation (Base) (✔) Required for each execution
gSW-9012 gWAP Calculation (Model Libraries) (✔) Model library option

If the Web Application makes use of one or more PSE model libraries, its execution will require:
The products are supplied on a simultaneous user basis. It is possible for one user to execute more than one Web Application simultaneously if sufficient gSW-9011 licenses are available.

  • either licenses for each one of these libraries
  • or a single gSW-9012 license, irrespective of the number of model libraries being used by the Web Application.

Optional components

No other PSE product licenses are required to access or execute any gPROMS Web Application, with the exception of the following products:

  • gSW-0400: gPROMS High-Performance Computing
  • Third-party products including
    • gSW-0251: Solver – MILP XPRESS Solver
    • gSW-0860: Multiflash (and options associated with Multiflash)
    • gSW-0801: gPROMS Properties – DIPPR
    • gSW-3215: OLGA -S (2-phase)
    • gSW-3217: OLGA -S (2-phase & 3-phase)
    • gSW-0835: Hafnium EUFO Module
    • gSW-0890: Mining Electrolyte Solution Thermodynamics