gPROMS for chemical engineering education

Teach engineering, not button pressing

Traditional black box simulators can lead engineering students to focus on manipulating software and to accept results without question. The gPROMS platform combines a flowsheeting environment with full custom modelling capability. Students can see and edit the underlying equations for any unit operation constructed for the course. Parameter estimation, optimization and experiment design tools let students interrogate experimental data and simulation results to make engineering decisions and quantify uncertainty.

Customise models to suit course goals

Depending on the course, you may want to alter the complexity of different unit operation models. In gPROMS®, you are not restricted to off-the-shelf models. Using optional gPROMS Objects, first principles models can integrate with CFD simulations, MATLAB® and CAPE-OPEN process simulators. You can deploy models within Excel or through a web interface. Through the PATH initiative, PSE offers effective, open curriculum materials.

Prepare students to use industrial strength tools

PSE’s industrial customers include many of the largest employers of chemical engineers in process industries ranging from upstream oil and gas to pharmaceuticals, food and consumer products. The software in use at these companies is identical to that used in universities. There is no stripped down, academic-only version of any gPROMS platform product. Students gain experience using the same powerful software that employers will need them to master.

Advance the role of modelling in engineering education

Mathematical modelling is a generic skill that is useful for many disciplines. PSE is committed to elevating modelling within the engineering community. Our Partnership for Advanced Process Modelling brings together academia, industry and PSE for the benefit of all. Our Model-based Innovation Prize rewards groundbreaking applications of model-based engineering.

Take advantage of convenient, low cost licensing

Our licensing model insures you always have access to the latest software version. Teaching licenses are available at an extremely low price per seat. Check our academic FAQ for detailed information on licensing and IT requirements. Contact our Academic Advisor; or request a quote through our pricing form.

1Sorenson, E. (2013, November). Using advanced modelling and computation tools in an undergraduate programme. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, San Francisco, CA.

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gPROMS helped us develop reliable model-based control solutions for complex pilot plant testing applications. These greatly improved the quality of the experimental results





Teaching process modelling in chemical engineering