gPROMS Academic Products

The following gPROMS products are available to bona fide academic institutions at highly discounted rates:

  • gPROMS ModelBuilder

    gPROMS ModelBuilder combines custom modelling capabilities with a process flowsheeting environment to provide the process industries' most powerful advanced process modelling tool. ModelBuilder is used to build, validate, execute and deploy steady-state and dynamic process models of any complexity.

  • gPROMS Process

    gPROMS Process is an Advanced Process Simulator – which includes many capabilities such as drag & drop flowsheeting, model libraries, steady-state and dynamic simulation, rigorous physical properties with comprehensive component data, and so on.

  • gPROMS FormulatedProducts

    gPROMS FormulatedProducts is PSE's newly-launched modelling platform for the integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes. 

  • gCCS

    gCCS is a system modelling tool for support of design and operating decisions across the CCS chain. It contains steady-state and dynamic models of all major CCS operations, from power generation through capture, compression, transmission to injection.

gPROMS Platform Components

The gPROMS platform provides drag & drop flowsheeting, first-principles custom modelling, parameter estimation, physical properties integration powerful optimisation capabilities that allow direct calculation of optimal solutions rather than by trial-and-error simulation, plus many other features.

  • Flowsheet Construction & Modification : Graphical definition and editing of process flowsheets
  • Custom Modelling : Custom modelling option for first principles model development
  • Activity: Simulation (steady-state and dynamic) : Steady-state and dynamic simulation activity
  • Activity: Optimisation (steady-state and dynamic) : Steady-state and dynamic (including mixed-integer) optimisation
  • Activity: Parameter Estimation : Estimate model parameters from experimental data, with statistical analysis of significance
  • Activity: Experiment Design : Use optimisation techniques to determine the optimal next experiment
  • Activity: Global System Analysis : Systematically explore the effect of uncertainty in input variables on output variables (e.g. KPIs)
  • Export to gPROMS Objects : Export models in encrypted form for use with gPROMS Objects (e.g. gO:RUN)
  • gPROMS High Performance Computing : Enable the use of multiple processors for parallel execution 

Model Libraries

The gPROMS Model Libraries include all the common unit operations for chemicals and petrochemicals – for example, compressors, heat exchangers and distillation columns. In addition to unit and control models that go well beyond those found in traditional simulators: for example kinetic reactors, adsorption beds, membranes and control and signal elements.

  • gML Multipack 1: Basics, Signal, Control, Flow Transportation and Heat Exchange - Combination of libraries below, to provide essential processing engineering tools
  • gML Multipack 2: Compression, reactions, separations-fluid-fluid - Combination of libraries below, to provide essential processing engineering tools
  • gML: Separations-Fluid-Fluid - Flash drum, equilibrium tray and packed-bed distillation columns and absorbers with/without condenser and reboiler and steady-state 1-D and 2-D rate-based absorption columns
  • gML: Separations-Adsorption - Adsorption bed unit with axial and radial flows, with customisable templates for isotherms and mass and heat transfer coefficients, convenient definition of periodic adsorption cycles and scheduless for the self-interacting bed approach
  • gML: Separations-Membranes - Hollow-fibre membrane unit model
  • gML: Mass Balance - Mass balance-only models, including sources/sinks, mixers/splitters, conversion and yield reactors, component splitter and stream analyser
  • gML: Compression - Centifugal and reciprocating compressors, expander, compressor section, electric drive and surge valve
  • gML: Reaction - Conversion and Gibbs reactors, kinetic and equilibrium continuous stirred-tank (CSTR) and 1-D plug flow (PFR) reactors, with Arrhenius, Langmuir-Hinshelwood and user-specified reaction mechanisms
  • AML: Gas-Liquid Contactors - Mass and heat transfer limitations, liquid and vapour film diffusion effects, hydrodynamics and reaction mechanisms using detailed physical property calculations.

Physical Properties

  • Multiflash - Infochem Multiflash is the standard gPROMS physical properties package. Multiflash is a rigorous properties package that supports all commonly-used thermodynamic and transport properties, including a wide range of equation of state and activity coefficient thermodynamic models.Some Multiflash components are available as options. Contact our Academic Advisor for further information on content and usage for the following:
    • CSM - Corresponding State Method
    • IAPWS - International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam
    • DIPPR - Design Institute for Physical Properties. An extended database including nearly 2300 components.
  • gSAFT - Statistical Associating Fluid Theory, or SAFT, is an advanced molecular thermodynamic method that can predict a wide variety of thermodynamic properties of mixtures accurately based on physically-realistic models of molecules and their interactions with other molecules

gPROMS Optional Components

  • gO:CFD - Interface gPROMS models with Fluent computational fluid dynamics.
  • gO:MATLAB - Call gPROMS models from MATLAB.
  • gO:CAPE-OPEN - Use gPROMS models inside other CAPE-OPEN compliant simulation packages.
  • gO:RUN - is a gPROMS runtime engine that allows a gPROMS simulation of any size to execute behind Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic or any other suitable interface.

    Further gO:RUN options are available for certain tasks. Contact our academic advisor for further information on usage of the following:
          gO:RUN parameter estimation
          gO:RUN optimisation

If you are interested in any other product not listed above, please contact our Academic Advisor to discuss your interest and planned use.