gPROMS for research in process innovation

By its very nature, engineering research deals with the new, the novel, the not yet understood. Research cannot be bound by black box unit operations from traditional process simulators. Open model libraries help researchers innovate in traditional chemical engineering processes such as distillation, reaction and crystallization. Equation-oriented modelling in gPROMS helps researchers explore complex new areas of process development such as biochemical engineering and nanotechnology. Academic publications show researchers using gPROMS across the engineering spectrum.

Build custom models with rigorous parameter estimation

The gPROMS platform is a powerful environment for model development. Custom modelling is the heart of the gPROMS, not an afterthought add-on. gPROMS includes tools and workflows for parameter estimation and mixed-integer optimization. Experimental data translates to usable models faster than ever. gPROMS can even help guide experimentation through the optional Experiment Design tool.

Integrate first principles models with CFD and other technologies

gPROMS is designed to work well with other modelling technologies. Using optional gPROMS Objects, first principles models can integrate with CFD simulations, MATLAB® and CAPE-OPEN process simulators. You can deploy models within Excel or through a web interface.

Advance the cause of Model-based Innovation

As processes become more complex and demands for efficiency and environmental responsibility increase, model-based engineering will become even more important to technical progress. Through our annual Model-based Innovation prize, PSE recognises academic researchers publishing innovative uses of gPROMS in traditional chemical engineering processes or novel areas of application. Our Partnership for Advanced Process Modelling improves the links between academia, industry and PSE to create a strong ecosystem for model-based engineering.

Take advantage of convenient, long term licensing

Academic licenses are valid for up to three years. Our licensing model insures you always have access to the latest software version. Research licenses are offered at a small fraction of the industrial price. Check our academic FAQ for detailed information on licensing and IT requirements. Contact our Academic Advisor or request a quote through our pricing form.

More Information
gPROMS helped us develop reliable model-based control solutions for complex pilot plant testing applications. These greatly improved the quality of the experimental results