Advanced process modelling is a key means to bring deep process knowledge to digitalization of both design and operations in the nuclear industry.

Using high-fidelity predictive models coupled with laboratory or plant data provides a way to turn the increasing volumes of data now available into valuable information.

Validated models can be used to explore the decision space rapidly and effectively, to generate value in the form of optimised process design and operation, and to quantify and manage risk.

An integrated approach

APM provides a practical means to address the energy trilemma – “affordable, reliable, sustainable” – while creating value rapidly from existing R&D and modelling investment.

Nuclear decommissioning

Model-based techniques provide crucial support for decommissioning activities to address challenges of data availability, uncertainty and risk, and the dynamically changing nature of operations.

Digital design

An integrated model-based digital design approach makes it possible to explore the process decision space rapidly and effectively, helping to shorten development timescales, reduce costs, systematically quantify risk, and raise safety, reliability and operability standards.

Intelligent digital operations

The digitalization wave has driven the development of a sophisticated capabilities for monitoring, soft-sensing, optimisation and advanced control of complex nuclear processes using high-fidelity models.

Leveraging existing investment

The digital approach embodies the knowledge and understanding gained from many decades of safe operation in a form that can be used to manage development and implementation across the lifecycle – from concept to prototype and the subsequent phases of construction, decommissioning and disposal.

PSE provides…

The nuclear industry, with its unique challenges, can benefit significantly from state-of-the-art digitalization practices. PSE provides a unique combination of tools to support both digital design and digital operations:

These are underpinned by technologies such as high-performance computing (HPC), cloud-based execution capabilities and many other initiatives to facilitate practical application of these tools.