PSE provides world-leading Advanced Process Modelling capabilities and expert consulting services to the Food, Beverage & FMCG industries.

Our gPROMS FormulatedProducts® modelling environment provides mechanistic model-based solutions for the design and optimization of products with complex quality attributes as well as their manufacturing processes, including reaction, crystallization, spray drying and other solids processes.

We work with leading global food, beverage, FMCG, and dairy organisations to help them innovate more rapidly, manage technology risk better and manufacture more efficiently.

Advanced modelling technology

gPROMS FormulatedProducts is PSE’s world-leading environment for integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes.

Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Food Product & Process Modelling, comprising PSE and NIZO, provides a single-point service for food characterisation and predictive modelling.

Innovative model libraries for the food and dairy industries combining science and experimentation.

Falling film evaporator

Predict (minimum) wetting rates, energy consumption, and product viscosity/ temperature to optimize operating parameters.

Multi-stage spray drying

Find optimal conditions to maximize drying capacity and throughput while remaining in-spec and within stickiness limits to reduce fouling risk and yield loss.

Membrane separation

Explore multi-stage membrane systems of multi-component products to predict component concentrations, required membrane characteristics, optimal configuration, and control strategies.

Heat treatment

Predict growth and destruction of microorganisms, protein denaturation, inactivation of enzymes, protein/mineral fouling, and bio-fouling.

Web application deployment

Models can be deployed to enable operators to look at possible processing conditions and monitor the current operating envelope and expected product attributes through a web-based interface.