PSE is a leading supplier of Advanced Process Modelling software and services to the mineral and mining industries.

Our approach, using gPROMS FormulatedProducts, combines dynamic process models based on rigorous thermodynamics with advanced system analysis tools and industry-leading optimisation techniques to optimise new and existing mining operations subject to changing process demands and variability. Along with providing the tools necessary for modelling of mining processes, we also provide expert services in the application of advanced process modelling to help generate value and train customer organisations.

We work with leading lithium, potash, salt, and mineral extraction organizations to support the realization of these benefits and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Advanced modelling technology

gPROMS FormulatedProducts® is PSE’s world-leading environment for the digital design of mineral and mining extraction processes and the creation of validated digital twins for use in engineering and operations.

Brine mining process model libraries

Developed in collaboration with globally prominent solar pond clients, PSE’s industry leading solar evaporation pond, climate models, and thermodynamic capabilities enable the dynamic simulation of brine mining processes. Validated digital twins can be used to study the effect of variations in climate and process conditions on the product yield.

Consulting, training & support

We provide extensive services to help companies apply the latest model-based techniques in the biotechnology sector, as well as to adopt digital design and systems-based approaches within their workflows as part of Operational Excellence, Smart Plant, Industry 4.0 and other similar initiatives.

Web-based and Digital applications

Using the gPROMS Web Applications Platform (gWAP), deploy models via a user-friendly web-based interface to facilitate the model usage throughout different parts of the organisation. Models can also be integrated with real time/online systems in order to deploy them online as a part of intelligent digital operation. We provide a comprehensive turnkey service that starts with a consultation on your requirements and ends with an implemented and tested application, using PSE’s gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP).