The oil and gas industry is experiencing a growing demand for data-driven solutions to boost performance, enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

PSE’s solutions for the oil and gas industry provide digital twin software and services for process design, operational optimization and assessment of natural gas pipelines, oilfield well and oilfield network models. Zero emissions targets from operations by 2050, will drive this step change in Process Optimization. The management of sub-optimal processes and verification of safety systems designed to limit emissions are key in achieving these targets.

Oil & gas field modelling & optimization

PSE’s gPROMS® Oilfield technology can be used to model your production system and then then use robust global optimization techniques to generate significant additional value in a matter of minutes.

Process Safety

PSE’s extensively validated gFLARE® Process Safety software provides solutions for depressurisation, pressure relief and flare safety issues in concept design through to operational plant, backed up by specialists skilled in performing these types of studies.

Natural gas processing

PSE’s advanced gPROMS Process process modelling software provides steady-state and dynamic analysis and rigorous optimization capabilities based on high-fidelity models.


Typical applications

Once you have a model of your production system, you can perform sophisticated optimizations that enable you to:

  • find additional value in your current production system
  • identify and examine all opportunities to increase value and save costs
  • immediately recover from system failure or disturbance – for example, reduction in gas lift gas for injection
  • be confident that system is always producing optimally.

In addition, it is possible to use the technology for traditional (and complex) flow assurance studies.

Technology and services

PSE offers advanced oilfield optimization technology, expert services and implementation.

Production optimization

Our state-of-the-art gPROMS Oilfield environment optimizes production using a global optimization strategy. It can include discrete control variables such as well on/off and routing decisions.

Integrated asset optimization (IAO)

Model the complete asset from the well sand face through to process facilities. The integrated model results in improved engineering, operations and business decisions throughout the asset lifecycle.

Flow assurance

Utilise the technology to address all areas of flow assurance. We can also work with your team on complex issues that traditional tools cannot solve, i.e. investigate alternatives for the removal of a well hydrate.

Production system services

PSE’s experienced Oil & Gas consultants provide expertise to our clients for modelling or optimization of any application area within the production system.

Advanced technology

PSE’s oilfield technology is built on the gPROMS advanced process modelling platform. This provides immediate access to all the power of the gPROMS technologies for steady-state and dynamic simulation and optimization of large-scale systems, including discrete/integer optimization.

This means that it is now possible to consider design and operation of oilfield systems as an integrated whole, with the potential for significant revenue enhancement and cost reduction.

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