Case studies

Advanced process safety analysis provides valuable insight at all stages in development and operation.

PSE works closely with operators and their engineering partners from pre-FEED through to detailed design, as well as in assessing the integrity of existing facilities. We help ensure the best allocation of safety-related capital expenditure whilst ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Coupled analysis cuts brownfield modification

Previous steady-state simulation predicted embrittlement, overpressure and vibration. PSE’s coupled process and flare system model considered the plant’s dynamic behaviour in multiple credible scenarios. The operator avoided tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary, time consuming modifications.

Accurate blowdown analysis saves billions in greenfield CAPEX

A lumped blowdown analysis in pre-FEED predicted extremely low temperatures throughout a greenfield gas plant development, requiring extensive use of stainless steel. PSE’s distributed simulations showed a much smaller area at risk. PSE collaborated with the team from Pre-FEED to Detailed Design to optimize the design. The difference in CAPEX was more than $1.8bn.

Accurate analysis improves safety and saves billions of dollars

As the recognised industry-leading provider of high-fidelity analysis for blowdown, pressure relief and flare system design, PSE has the project experience and analytical expertise to help our clients ensure safe operation with minimal capital investment.