PSE Oil & Gas provides software and services for process design, rigorous operational optimization and natural gas pipeline assessment.

Typical examples

PSE’s technology and services cover most upstream and midstream process operations. Some examples are:

Gas treatment

gPROMS Process’ combination of rigorous absorption and distillation models, rapid recycle convergence and gSAFT® advanced thermodynamics brings new capabilities for the detailed design of gas sweetening and gas dehydration processes.

Full gas plant analysis

Extensive model libraries coupled with automated model and flowsheet initialisation techniques make it possible to create steady-state and dynamic models of virtually any gas processing facility, from well head through to the fractionation train.

LNG plant design optimization

Rapid convergence of complex recycles speeds up design and operational analysis and optimization of LNG plants, and understanding dynamic cold box behaviour.

Transient gas pipeline assessment

The state of the art dynamic, compositional pipeline models available in gPROMS Process allow you to assess the behaviour of natural gas pipeline networks for flow assurance or assess the transient behaviour of multiple linked gas processing facilities.

Getting started…

PSE’s expert services can provide you with everything from a turnkey project to support for your in-house project team. Contact us for more information.