Expert modelling services tailored to the way you work

As the requirements for high-fidelity process models that can deliver real advantage become more complex, companies are augmenting their in-house capabilities with expert external services.

PSE’s ModelCare® is an innovative consulting service that uses collaborative working to help you achieve the maximum possible benefit from applying process modelling in your organisation.

What is a ModelCare account?

A ModelCare account is a framework agreement that provides your modellers, R&D personnel and engineers with access to PSE’s modelling expertise as required. There are two types of ModelCare:

  • ModelCare Call-off, where you simply call off work against your account – what you want, when you want it. ModelCare call-off works rather like a bank account. You pay in funds, then draw against those as required.
  • ModelCare Projects, typically used for time-and-materials or fixed-price projects of longer duration with a formal scope agreed in advance.

What can ModelCare do for me?

Both forms of ModelCare are designed to enable you to innovate with confidence, knowing that PSE’s expertise will help to:

  • ensure rapid and successful delivery of model-assisted projects
  • transfer modelling know-how to customer personnel
  • integrate R&D experimentation with engineering design
  • assist in implementation of Model-based Engineering or Model-based Innovation approaches.

What are typical activities?

ModelCare can augment your organisation’s modelling activities in many ways. Typical activities are:

  • Working side-by-side with your personnel to develop models. Turn months of work into weeks, get it right first time, include state-of-the-art techniques and approaches, while your modellers learn at the same time!
  • Application of advanced modelling techniques. Discover the difference the application of state-of-the-art technologies such as detailed mass transfer and distributed systems modelling can make.
  • Peer review. Have PSE experts verify your modelling techniques and add their experience and insights to enhance the results.
  • Model performance improvement. PSE’s experts can often identify simple, well-proven modelling techniques that increase the speed of execution many times over, or enhance model robustness significantly.
  • Model maintenance. Who will update the model in which you have made significant investment in the future? PSE can help ensure that models incorporate best practice for maintainability and re-usability.
  • Interfaces to other software components such as physical properties packages, MS Excel, CFD packages – we’ve done it all before, and can reduce weeks or months of effort to days, while your personnel learn how to make the most of gPROMS’s open architectures.
  • Customised user interfaces. PSE experts can help you package process models behind an Excel interface, in a web browser, or in your own user environment, to deliver sophisticated calculations to non-modelling users.
  • On-the-job training. The most effective form of training is working with an expert on a real live application. All of the activities above will enhance your personnel’s understanding of the technology and its application.
  • Any other service typically performed by PSE Consultants. Call us for more information.

How do I set up and use ModelCare?

Setting up and using a ModelCare account involves three simple steps:

  • Set up a ModelCare Agreement. This costs nothing and places no obligation on you. All it says is that “if we work together in the future, these are the terms under which we will work”.
  • Pay into the ModelCare account. This sets up a ModelCare Package. Different parts of the organisation can set up different Packages under the same framework if required.
  • Call off Services from the Package as required. You can call off work until the funds are exhausted, at which point you simply top-up the ModelCare account.

A major benefit of ModelCare is that you only need do the paperwork only once – when you set up the agreement. After that you simply call off work under the same terms.

The diagram below shows how ModelCare works in schematic form.

ModelCare Agreement

There is no financial obligation in signing a ModelCare agreement. It merely provides the framework in which future services will be supplied, minimizing paperwork

And then?

ModelCare is run rather like a bank account. You get frequent statements, like the one below, showing your Package orders, the Services you have called off, and the amounts still available.

More Information
PSE’s expert ModelCare consulting support has allowed us to develop a state-of-the-art model for a complex crystallization process with minimum time and effort

Who uses ModelCare?

Many of PSE’s largest customers use ModelCare regularly

ModelCare Call-off works like a bank account. You pay in funds, then draw against those as required