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Accelerating innovation & managing risk to
create sustainable value

Process modelling is a key technology for accelerating innovation, managing risk and optimizing the design and operation of process plants to create sustainable value.

However it is not always easy for companies to develop or maintain the multidisciplinary skills required for effective delivery of model-based projects.

PSE Consulting provides expert call-off and project services to help customers implement projects rapidly and to a high standard, while transferring modelling know-how to customer personnel.

Consulting solutions

PSE Consulting provides a range of consulting and application services to help companies use modelling technology to create value rapidly and cost-effectively:

  • Process design optimization services apply model-based engineering techniques to determine optimal designs for process plants or individual items of equipment, taking many different factors into account simultaneously.
  • Process development services apply model-based engineering techniques to accelerate new process development and reduce new technology risk.
  • PSE reactor design and optimization services. PSE provides world-leading capabilities for design, operational optimization and troubleshooting of multitubular and many other types of reactor.
  • PSE Oil & Gas safety services apply high-fidelity depressurisation / blowdown and flare network models to improve process safety, enhance operations and reduce capital expenditure.

Tailored services for creating value

PSE Consulting also provides a range of consulting and application services to help companies apply modelling technology to create value rapidly and cost-effectively:

  • PSE ModelCare provides expert modeling services on a call-off or project basis.Through transfer of modeling know-how we help customers build their internal modeling capability,  apply the latest technology and integrate R&D experimentation with engineering design.
  • PSE Strategic Assessment provides corporate-level analysis of how model-based engineering and model-based innovation techniques can be applied to generate value in customers’ businesses.

All of our services centre on the application of model-based engineering and innovation techniques to accelerate innovation, manage risk, support engineering and operating decisions and integrate R&D and engineering.

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