gPROMS support

Helping our users to be productive

gPROMS® comes with installation and bug-fix support as standard.

Beyond this, we have a number of support options to help users get the most out of their work with gPROMS.

Basic support

Basic support comes automatically with all gPROMS licences.

We will help you get started and give you advice if you believe that you have encountered problems in the software.

While this will ensure that you get started, it does not cover gPROMS language or modelling issues that you may have. You are encouraged to consider one of the extended support options below.

gPROMS Premium Support

This is an option on your licence and is paid anually in advance.

gPROMS Premium Support provides unlimited phone and email support for a year. you can use it for advice on gPROMS language options, getting the most out of the ModelBuilder® environment, interpreting diagnostics and handling errors, and numerical solution issues.

SPSE ModelCare

ModelCare® provides expert modelling support – as much as you want, when you want it.

ModelCare can be used to accelerate your work in many different ways: assistance on building models of complex processes, library construction and maintenance, interfacing of physical properties, and so on.

A ModelCare account is an ideal arrangement for organisations where a number of users are working on complex problems, and from time to time require a few hours' or a few days' expert assistance, or perhaps an on-site workshop.

Find our more here.

SPSE Mentoring

One of SPSE's objectives as a company is to help our customers build effective modelling infrastructures within their organisations, and adopt best practice.

We have a number of options for achieving this – for example by creating 'superusers' in your group, or providing on-site support.

Please contact your account manager for further details.

SPSE support summary

Feature Basic support Premium support ModelCare
Installation support Yes Yes
Bug-fix support Yes Yes
Clarification of documentation Yes Yes
Language support Yes
ModelBuilder environment guidance Yes
Error and diagnostic advice Yes
Numerical solutions advice Yes
Modelling physics and chemistry Yes
Complex model construction Yes
Peer review Yes
Physprops advice Yes
In-house workshops Yes
More Information
See the summary of support options in the table below

gPROMS support

If you have a support query, you should submit it via e-mail to

[email protected]

together with the following files,
where applicable:

  • complete Case file (.gCS), as it includes the Execution Output showing the specific problem
  • Foreign Object code
  • physical properties used

Alternatively, you may Submit your support query online or phone your closest office.