gPROMS Premium Support

Language and diagnostic advice to enhance your team's productivity

gPROMS Premium Support provides you with unlimited annual phone and email support.

It is an option on the standard gPROMS licence and is paid annually in advance.

What is covered by gPROMS Premium Support?

gPROMS Premium Support provides assistance in the use of gPROMS. It covers:

  • gPROMS language advice – for example in implementing distributed equations within your models, or calling a CAPE-OPEN physprops package
  • help in accessing and using the extensive capabilities of the gPROMS ModelBuilder® environment
  • assistance in interpreting diagnostics and resolving errors
  • advice on handling of numerical solution problems.

For support on the physics, chemistry and other domain knowledge within your model, see SPSE's ModelCare service.

Why should I take out gPROMS premium support?

Developing models of complex processes – in any environment – can be a challenging task. Modellers frequently encounter problems that can be solved easily by people with experience.

gPROMS Premium Support is intended to provide just such assistance. It:

  • provides instant access to the gPROMS support team
  • helps you overcome hurdles – which in many cases turn out to be minor – that could otherwise delay your project
  • brings you instant access to many years of experience to address your problem
  • ensures that you are applying best practice in formulating mathematical models in gPROMS
  • introduces you to features and capabilities that you may not have been aware of
  • enhances your ability to build and maintain complex models.

Overall, it makes you and your team more productive and helps ensure that you get the most out of your gPROMS licence.

gPROMS Premium Support is particularly useful to organisations where there is mixed level of ability in the modelling team.

Terms & conditions

  • gPROMS Premium Support applies to a single, named caller who will have unlimited phone and email access to SPSE's gPROMS support team.
  • Fair usage policy applies and SPSE reserves the right to terminate the support contract and refund any outstanding fees.
  • Modelling problems requiring support will be addressed up to a limit of 4 hours of effort per query. (Note that typically most support calls can be resolved within two hours.)
  • If after 4 hours' effort the support question raised has not been resolved, the situation will be reviewed to determine the most suitable course of action:
  • if the support question relates to the model formulation we will recommend that you consider SPSE ModelCare.
  • if the issue is related to software, it will be raised upon SPSE's internal software tracking database and managed by the SPSE development team.

SPSE reserves the right to offer the policy at its discretion.

More Information


gPROMS premium support


Why take out premium support?

Terms & conditions


gPROMS support

If you have a support query, you should submit it via e-mail to

[email protected]

together with the following files, where applicable:

  • complete Case file (.gCS), as it includes the Execution Output showing the specific problem
  • Foreign Object code
  • physical properties used

Alternatively, you may Submit your support query online (PSE access password required) or phone or fax your closest office.