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Adsorption – effective design of a PSA system (PM: half day)

Cyclic separation processes such as pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) are fundamental to high-purity gas production. With extensive industrial applications, there is significant interest for methods and tools specifically aimed at the development and analysis of PSA units through process modelling.

gPROMS Process has state-of-the art adsorption libraries that allow for easy construction and specification of high-fidelity adsorption flowsheets. The gPROMS platform has long been a tool for modelling cyclic adsorption units which inherently have fast transients, discontinuities and flow reversal. A typical application of these systems is the production of high purity hydrogen (99.99+%).

In this workshop, we will cover

  • Setup a single bed for fixed adsorption step simulation
  • Implement an isotherm model using custom modelling approach
  • Validation of breakthrough simulation using experimental data
  • Setup a self-interacting bed approach for efficient operational analysis
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