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Advanced catalytic reactor design in gPROMS Process (AM: half day)

High-fidelity modeling is an essential tool for the optimization of catalytic reactor design and operation. However, most existing modeling tools use over-simplified reactor models and, in some cases, reactors are modeled separately using legacy codes.

gPROMS Process provides high-fidelity, multi-scale models of catalytic reactors, including catalyst models, that can be used for optimizing reactor design and operation, including geometry, configuration and catalyst decisions.

Validated reactor models can then be combined with separation sections and other flowsheet models for process design and whole-plant optimization that simultaneously consider reactor and separation section design and operational decisions.

Hands-on workshop

This workshop shows how gPROMS Process's reactor modeling capabilities can be used to design and optimize complex catalytic reactors.

The aim is to assemble a simple flowsheet model of a natural gas reforming unit with a steam methane reformer using the reactor models in gPROMS Process's Advanced Model Library for Fixed-Bed Catalytic Reactors (AML:FBCR).

NGR reactors involve complex reaction mechanisms controlled by intra-particle diffusion rates and with radial gradients of temperature and composition on the catalyst tube side; complex combustion or radiation phenomena take place on the heating side of the reactor. All of these can be accounted for using the AML:FBCR models.

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at reaction and process engineers and technology managers from the Chemicals & Petrochemicals industries who are interested in learning how to perform model-based detailed design of catalytic reactors.

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