gPROMS training courses

Advanced: Power Plant and CCS Applications (2-day)

gPROCESS is an advanced system modelling environment for power plant(PP) and whole chain CCS systems modelling. Steady-state and dynamic models of all major CCS operations, from power generation through capture, compression, transmission to injection, are included. gPROCESS can be used for modelling individual systems or to study interoperability across different chain components. Some typical applications are: investigation of flexible operation of a post-combustion capture plant attached to a coal-fired power station, optimization of the integration between the power plant and capture plant, design of optimal compression trains, investigation of the effects of upstream or downstream changes in operation, etc. Dynamic simulation and advanced optimisation capabilities are also available as standard.


The course is aimed at engineers who wish to start using gPROCESS to create flowsheet models and employ these to understand and optimise the design and operation of Power Plant and CCS chains.


This two-day course instructs attendees to effectively apply the capabilities of gCCS to a wide range of problems. It combines tutorials and hands-on problem solving sessions. The course comprises the following modules:

  • Introduction to power generation libraries
    • Modeling of power generation
    • Hands-on: Building a Pulverised Coal Power Plant(PCPP) flowsheet model
  • Introduction to AML:GLC libraries in building capture plant model
    • Modelling of CO2 capture plants
    • Hands-on: Building an MEA CO2 capture plant flowsheet model
  • Introduction to compression libraries
    • Modeling of CO2 compression trains
    • Hands-on: Building a CO2 compression trains flowsheet model
  • Introduction to transmission, injection, and storage libraries
    • Modelling of CO2 transmission, injection, and storage
    • Hands-on: Building an CO2 transmission, injection, and storage flowsheet model

By the end of the course, the participants will know how to build detailed flowsheets of each of the subsystems of the PP and CCS chain, how to link them together to form a partial or complete PP and CCS chain.


The course assumes knowledge of gPROMS to the level covered by the course "Introduction: gPROMS Process" and "Advanced: Custom Modelling and Model Publishing".

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