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gPROMS®: Deploying models for use across the organisation (1-day)

Model developers can make their own models available as a library to the other non-developers who would benefit from using the custom models that have been developed and validated in an organisation. Model developers are responsible for making the library robust as well as easy-to-use for engineers and researchers. So as not to "re-invent the wheel", such models should be combined with standard off-the-shelf models such as those in the gPROMS Process libraries.


This course is aimed at chemical and process engineers who wish to publish their own unit operation models to others in the organisation.


This one-day course helps attendees to effectively apply advanced process modelling to real problems working seamlessly with the gPROMS Process Model Libraries and/or Advanced Model Libraries. Deployment methods that will covered include:

  • Publishing custom unit operation models for use in flowsheets
  • Publishing models to a library that is compatible with existing model libraries featured in gPROMS Process
  • Publishing models for run-time use, e.g. from an Excel front-end
  • Animating model icons


The course assumes knowledge of gPROMS to the level covered by the course gPROMS: Developing custom unit operation models.

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