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gPROMS®: Developing custom unit operation models (2-day)

Developing custom unit operation models is essential in applications where off-the-shelf models do not address requirements, or when more flexibility is needed than off-the shelf packages can offer. The gPROMS language provides a convenient way to implement process models of arbitrary complexity. This includes lumped and spatially distributed models, steady state and dynamic process behaviour, process discontinuities, etc. Powerful solvers allow model developers to focus on describing the relevant phenomena, without worrying too much about the solution process. Using real-world data to validate the model is an inherent part of the model development process. So as not to "re-invent the wheel", the model should be combined with standard off-the-shelf models such as those in the gPROMS Process libraries.


This course is aimed at chemical and process engineers who wish to develop their own unit operation models in gPROMS and use these to address design and operational problems of batch and continuous processes.


This two-day course helps attendees to effectively apply advanced process modelling to real problems relating to process design and process operation. It combines tutorials and hands-on problem solving sessions. By the end of the course, you will know how to:

  • Develop your own lumped model
  • Develop your own distributed model
  • Combine models in a hierarchy
  • Make models robust
  • Validate your models
  • Quantify the effect of uncertainty in model parameters on key performance indicators using Global System Analysis

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