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gPROMS® Process: Dynamic flowsheet simulation (1-day)

Understanding transient behaviour of chemical processes using mathematical models is of great importance in the design and operation of chemical processes. Accurately predicting process dynamics is particularly important for projects involving batch processes, plant startup/shutdown, product/feedstock changeovers, control system design, and others.


The course is aimed at chemical and process engineers who wish to start using gPROMS to create flowsheet models including process dynamics and use these to understand and improve the design and operation of batch, semi-batch and continuous processes.


This one-day course instructs attendees to set up in gPROMS Process a dynamic process model of a typical chemical engineering process. It combines tutorials and hands-on problem solving sessions. By the end of the course, participants will know how to:

  • Include process dynamics in a process model (converting models from steady-state behaviour into dynamics)
  • Conveniently define plant operating procedures
  • Execute a simulation and view results
  • Set up and configure a control scheme
  • Optimize the process using formal mathematical optimization techniques suitable for problems featuring dynamic behaviour

People interested in attending to this training course are required to register and attend to the course on "Steady-state flowsheet modelling and optimization" first.

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