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Initialisation Procedures: making models initialise robustly (PM half day)

Initialisation procedures allow for a complex model to be constructed gradually, starting from a simpler form and increasing its complexity by lifting physical assumptions or changing the numerical formulation. When combined together in a flowsheet, these model units can be initialised individually one after the other via flowsheet initialisation procedure.

This is providing a fast and reliant mean of converging complex model and constructing large flowsheets.

Workshop overview

  • How to set up an initialisation procedure from scratch
  • How to define a simplified a set of equations for initialisation
  • How to change the choice of specification in a model
  • How to construct a flowsheet to be initialised sequentially
  • How to initialise a recycle loop

The workshop is aimed at process engineers from the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage and Specialty Chemicals industries who are experienced in custom modelling and are looking to increase the level of complexity of their model while ensuring a robust and fast initialisation.

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